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Vital link Solution is well-known for plastic cards printing and manufacturer in Singapore. We offer high-quality, customized plastic cards that are at a competitive price.
Our client can select from the wide range of products and prices that we offer. Our card merchandises include:
• Business
• Loyalty
• Membership
• Key-cards
• Gift-cards
• Visitor Pass, to name a few.

With more enterprises looking for smart solutions that are contactless, wants to collect and transfer live data. For this smart resolutions, the use of RFID and NFC technology is becoming prevalent.

At Vital Link Solution, we deliver these keys that can help you to enhance your business. Our specialists in the field will assist you to customize these passes, that will have your enterprise’s name and color engraved.
Engraved and customized passes ensure that your company will have its branding and can stand out among your competitors. Our solutions for plastic PVC card printing Singapore include:

• Magnetic stripe
• Signature Panel
• Personal details
• QRCODE and Barcode
• Embossing
• Hot and Foil Stamping

We provide speedy delivery in bulk.  If you want to know more and how our experienced team can help you with your next consignment, contact us immediately. We offer you our service and help you to maximize the impact of your company to your customers with the passes.

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